Northwest X Southwest Indigenous Film Festival


Date:  Saturday July 2nd. 

Time: 8:00 showing

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Dell’Arte is hosting a night of independent indigenous films from Northwestern California and the Peruvian Andes on Saturday July 2nd. We are celebrating native communities this summer from the two American hemispheres, Northwestern and Southwestern, sharing the Pacific coast and inheriting responsibility for the mountains and rivers that meet it. 

The 8:00 showing will include four short films from DocuPeru and four short films from the Bartow Project: an hour and half of cinema, with intermission and concessions between the two continents. Tickets are 15$ regular/10$ seniors and students/20$ groups (2),  40$ groups (4) , order online or at the box office at 6:30 Saturday evening July 2nd.

DocuPeru: A prolific guerilla style audiovisual organization initiated in 2005 that combines pedagogy and production to collaborate with Peruvian indigenous communities to tell their stories through film. Their projects include La Mochila, Caravana and El Otro Documental where they produce multiple films with various community members across the country in two week to month long workshops. We are showing a mix of animation and documentary short films in Spanish and Quechua with English subtitles that cover eight years of their work, including an introduction by one of the filmmakers.

The Bartow Project: A theater project performing the life and art of Wiyot artist Rick Bartow shifted to film in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic. This shift opened collaborative opportunities with native filmmakers in western North American states and provinces to create four short films animating and exploring his legacy and contributions. The four short films weave animation, music, documentary film and dance to tell the story of one of our most beloved local elders who harmonized and painted the culture and spirits of our sacred knowledge and spaces.

Many indigenous communities are not located near the artistic, media and educational regional centers; artists have turned to film to bypass geography and disseminate their stories and regenerate their traditions, places, people and values to meet and lead the 21st century. They have the camera, we’re sharing our screens, we hope you will be our audience.