The Clown Core: a Virtual Pop Up Class


The Clown Core is an exploration into the essential tools used to discover the unique clown that is already inside of each participant. Michelle will lead the group through a series of exercises and games that will reignite your impulse to play, find your pleasure of being present and expressing emotion, while taking clown action. Acting exercises, improv games and clowning techniques, will be used to identify when the pleasure is gone, celebrate debacles &  triumphs, accept your own ridiculous stupidity,  develop connection with the audience and sharpen your ability to embrace the unknown in order to create something new. This intensive is designed to meet participants wherever they are in their clowning journey. New and experienced players are welcomed.

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The Clown Core: a Virtual Pop Up Class

with Michelle Matlock!

Link will be sent June 17th 2022!

June 18th 11am-2pm PT/2-5 ET

    • Sliding Scale Price: 
      • $59 (Full Price – Pays Instructor and D’AI Administration)
      • $49 (Reduced – Pays instructor + a D’AI donation)
      • $39 (Basic – Pays instructor)

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