Thesis Festival 2021. May 16


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The Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre presents “The Cauldron of Destiny Thesis Festival,” featuring four original works of theatre created by this year’s graduating MFA class. The thesis festival marks the culmination of three years of graduate study by an ensemble of theatre artists. 

It will be the first in-person performance open to the public in over a year, with limited, by reservation only, tickets available and enhanced safety measures in place.


Imagine yourself in the not-too-distant future. We, as humans, have determined that we are incapable of keeping ourselves or the planet safe, and have therefore relinquished all power and control to the Supercomputer. We are all plugged into our own virtual realities, wherein we are kept happy and safe, unaware of the existence of anyone else or the cumbersome pain of reality. This “blissful” state comes at a price, however; for every upgrade to your virtual reality, you must give up one of your memories, tell it to the Supercomputer, to be absorbed into its consciousness and lost to you forever. What happens if this technology gains sentience? What is left of a human who remembers nothing? This piece is created by Sara Kei Wegmuller. 


In 1859, Joshua Norton of San Francisco declared himself Emperor of the United States of America when the bankrupt merchant lost his mind (he was a casualty of the American Dream, after all). Comedic duo Dustin Curry and Nate FitzSimons paint the story of California’s strangest eccentric with strokes of broad satire, vaudeville luster and a twan of folk-punk. Performed under a circus tent in the heart of Humboldt County, “Emperor Norton’s Manifest Destiny” is a humorous examination of revisionist history and the skeletons in America’s closet.

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