3rd Year MFA Ensemble selected for UNAM Theatre Festival in Mexico

Dell’Arte’s 3rd Year MFA Ensemble have been selected to perform their original tragedy “Citizens of Nowhere” at UNAM Teatro International Theatre Festival in Mexico.

This original tragedy was devised as part of their second-year studies, written and staged by the eight actor-creators over the course of seven weeks, under the guidance of and in collaboration with Dell’Arte faculty members Sayda Trujillo and Laura Muñoz. The story surrounds Jama, a teenage refugee who is the second generation born within a city of exiles. When the rations are cut, what lengths will she go to protect her family and save her people? A story of soldiers and the wall they uphold, of love amidst the ruins of war — the inescapable fate of our heroine unfolds through the course of this classically modelled tragedy.

The 3rd Year MFA Ensemble are: Alfredo Romero from Mexico, Idit Kischinovsky from Israel and Melanie Schauwecker, Jesse March, Cleo DeOrio, Evan Grande, Kathryn Cesarz and Jordan Rosin from the US.

The festival is able to provide food, accommodation and local transport during our visit, however, they are unable to fly the ensemble to Mexico City.

Help us raise funds for their travel to and from Mexico by clicking on this link!