Dell’Arte is the work of an extraordinary community of artists located amid the redwoods and rugged beauty of California’s North Coast.


Dell’Arte International is the North American center for theatre training, research and performance of the actor-creator. We are a committed community of artists who model and share in a sustained, ensemble artistic practice.

One of our deepest values is engendering the relationship between art and place, artist and community. We are a committed community of artists who for over 35 years have modeled and shared a sustained ensemble practice. DAI consists of a professional, international touring ensemble, the Dell’Arte Company; the Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre, offering a one-year certificate Professional Training Program; and an annual summer festival.

We are organizational members of the Theatre Communications Group (TCG), Association of Theatre Movement Educators (ATME), and the Network of Ensemble Theatres (NET).


International in scope, grounded in the natural living world, inspired by our rural setting, Dell’Arte International explores theatre making, theatre practice and theatre training for ourselves, the world and the future.


Dell’Arte International seeks to create resonant works of theatre that are visceral, athletic and that engage the mystery underlying all experience. We revel in ferocious play.


Reflecting the cultural, ethnic, social and historic diversity of our community as well as expanding it
Exploring the relationship between art and place, artist and community
Teaching by our example as well as our pedagogy
The power of the arts to enrich the education and lives of young people
The power of theatre to transform artists and audiences
The ability of the actor-creator to make art that reflects the complexity of living, art that is both specific and universal
Ensemble and collaborative practices that place the artist at the center of the work and the organization
The importance of independent cultural production to our society’s health
The value of our work to the field as a laboratory for exploration and development
The importance of play
The seriousness of comedy.

2020 /2021 Board of Directors

Chair: John Bartholomew, President: Alyssa Hughlett, Members: Peter Pennekamp, Kash Boodjeh, Jeremy Clark, Stephen Buescher, Heather Equinoss, Libby Maynard, Dr. Issac M. Carter, Faculty Representative: Gabe Mckinney, Student Co-Representatives: Oscar Nava and Julieta Garza, Rotating Representatives from the Alumni Collective.