Slide Shannan Calcutt – PTP 1998
Cirque du Soleil CLown Coach
Cirque du soleil "ZUmanity" performer
Slide Guillermo Calderón – PTP 1999 Award-WInning Screenwriter, Director & playwright Slide Andrew Phoenix & kate Braidwood
Wonderheads Co-founders
Slide Erica Fladeland – PTP 2010 Conduit Theatre founder Slide Tony Fuemmeler – PTP 2003 Mask Maker • Puppeteer • Director • Teacher Slide Sarah-Jane Moody – PTP 2006 Lead Clown Coach of Wise Fool Slide Carlos Alexis Cruz Associate Professor of Physical Theatre Slide Amelia Van Brunt – PTP 2011 Actor-creator • clown • teacher • dancer • fire spinner Slide Lloyd Nyikadzino – PTP 2012 Zimbabwe Theatre Academy Founder & Artistic Director Slide Heidi Rider – PTP 2008 Artist • Clown • Actor-Creator • Curator • Educator Slide Carlos Gallegos – PTP 2018 Actor • Teacher • Playwright • Director Slide Ross Travis – PTP 2010 Circus Artist • Bouffon • Artistic Director of "Antic in a Drain"


Dell’Arte International graduates go on to produce their own theatre companies, work and tour with acclaimed companies, teach and coach, win Emmy and Tony awards, and so much more.

Did You Know?

We have a total of 1,051 alumni, which grows every year. 

One-third of our alumni are international!

From these, there has been one Tony win, four Emmy wins, eight Emmy nominations, one Golden Globe nomination and one Chicago International Film Festival winner.

Our alumni hail from six continents, 38 countries, and 41 states in the U.S.

Read about the ongoing work of some of our alumni on our new Alumni Blog.

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  • Jesko Von Den Steinen











The Dell’Arte Alumni Association is back!

After a fantastic 40th Reunion in Blue Lake, we’re happy to announce the re-birth of the Dell’Arte Alumni Association. All graduates are automatically members. During the Reunion, many alums expressed interest in staying involved with the School and with each other more consistently, and the Alumni Association is a way to do just that. We’d like to establish chapters in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis, Portland, and cities in Canada, as well as chapters in Europe, Asia, Africa, and South America.Your Alumni Association is a resource for connecting with other grads in your area and beyond, sharing contacts, information, work, stories and community.

Look who’s volunteered to be a regional coordinator:
Debbie McMahon, Los Angeles, CA
Amy Virginia Buchanan, New York City, NY
Alice Nelson, Western Canada
Lisa Anne Ross, Eastern Canada
Norah Sadava, Toronto, Canada
Tony Fuemmeler, Portland, OR
Amelia Van Brunt, San Francisco, CA
Nick Trotter, U.S.A Southwest
Adam Gertsacov, Chicago, IL
Henry Lappen, MA, CT, NH
Kali Quinn, VT
Stephanie Thompson, MN

How about you?