A Hands-on Workshop with Jeff Raz

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February  10, 2024    2:30-5:30pm

Cost:  $125  (some partial scholarships available)

Veteran clown, actor, writer, and consultant Jeff Raz will provide a unique, hands-on experience of how you can apply performance techniques and concepts in ‘real-life’ contexts.

 Drawing on 40 years of performing the Pickle Family Circus, on Broadway and with Cirque du Soleil, and teaching at Dell’Arte and The Clown Conservatory, as well his work as a global consultant, Jeff has built up tried-and-tested methods for crossing the bridge between the artistic, creative principles of clowning and theatre, and worlds of corporate training, personal development, and community-building.

But more than just providing an insight into his own powerful training tools, this session will also open up the opportunity to learn and test out how this applies to you and your work/life goals. Working in small groups through role-play, experimentation and with individual coaching from Jeff, you will feel empowered to use clowning tools at work and at home to turn mistakes into gold, deepen relationships, communicate with a wide range of people live and on Zoom, etc.

Participants in this session will also receive a free copy of Jeff’s book, The Secret Life of Clowns: A Backstage Tour of Cirque du Soleil and The Clown Conservatory, which Jeff will refer to and use as part of the training. You will also go home with the skills to apply clown tools to multiple spheres, including communication, conflict resolution, team building and leadership.

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