Help Save Odd Fellows Hall

Dear Friend of Dell’Arte,

Through most of December and January, Northern California was subjected to a series of atmospheric rivers bringing torrential rains and wind storms. Here in Blue Lake and at Dell’Arte, our historic artistic home, the 1910 Odd Fellows Hall suffered serious water damage from gutter and roofing failures. Areas of the building most affected include the light and sound booth in the Carlo Theater, the outer walls of the Rooney Amphitheater,  the school’s library and Awok Gene Brundine Archive, and the Faculty back office.

For the last month, staff have had to take time away from student-focused activities  to mitigate any further damage and protect equipment, masks, books, and office furniture just when our production and performing season is ramping up. While we are grateful for our building insurance, which will cover a substantial portion of the damage, estimated at $18,000-54,000, we know that it will not cover all of the costs. 

To help us close the gap, Dell’Arte is seeking donations from our supporters to help us save our 113-year old building. Our goal is to raise $15,000 by June 1st, 2023 to cover the remaining cost of repairs to the building to keep our theater alive and protect the building from future weather damage. By donating, you are recognizing the central role that the arts play in our cultural development and the need to sustain our community and preserve our historical  building.

We are deeply grateful for your support and help!  Help us save the Blue Lake Odd Fellows Hall and preserve Dell’Arte International’s Carlo Theater and Rooney Amphitheater! 

Our nonprofit tax ID number is 94-2207895.
Checks can be sent to us at the address below.
Dell’Arte International
P.O. Box 816
Blue Lake, CA 95525