2016 Mad River Festival Lineup

“The River, Our Home” / “Lalilh, Jouwa Hinarr Daduk”


The 2016 Mad River Festival is centered around Dell’Arte’s current initiative “The River, Our Home,” which explores through a variety of community partnerships, including with the Wiyot Tribe of Table Bluff, the ways in which we impact and are impacted by our relationship to watersheds. Dell’Arte’s summer mainstage show The Big Thirst is part of this initiative and takes a hard-hitting look at our treatment of one of our most precious resources here in Humboldt and in the world at large. Part investigation and part celebration, “The River, Our Home” project will also incorporate Wiyot language in our festival signage.

This year’s 26th anniversary festival welcomes a vast variety of exciting performances from ‘around the world and down the block’. The lineup includes original Dell’Arte Company work, a family big-top series, an experimental theatrical laboratory, a tantalizing late night cabaret, a week of local music with the Humboldt Folklife Festival, and more. Dell’Arte International continues to present the work of talented international alumni, aided by a fellowship from the family of late alumna Nancy Jacobs Lafrenz. Especially unique to this year’s lineup, Dell’Arte is proud to announce the world-premiere of it’s new film Mary Jane- a Musical Potumentary which will pre-open the festival on June 10 at the Eureka Theater.

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Photo: Terrence McNally. Janessa Johnsrude plays Dolly Madison in The Big Thirst by Joan Schirle.