“Dell’Arte is the second great love of my life. I met my first in Blue Lake. It is a rare jewel”
– PTP graduate

Every year, Dell’Arte welcomes students from all over the world to train in our home of Blue Lake, CA. Our unique rural setting, in the heart of California’s rugged and beautiful North Coast, offers students a place to study and commune with nature, self, and ensemble. Dell’Arte’s deep commitment to the larger community of Humboldt County and the community of our student body infuses the life of the student. Our alumni the world over will tell you how impactful and transformative the Dell’Arte experience is for an artist.

This photo series was created by 2015 Professional Training Program graduate, Delf Gravert, during the 1st-year study of the clown style block at Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre. Delf is a multidisciplinary artist based out of Winnipeg, Canada. Photos are shot on a Rolleiflex, a Mamiya 645j, and a Sputnick 3d camera.

The series features artists from our 2015 student body (including our 2nd and 3rd year AEP/MFA students) coming to study in Blue Lake, CA, home of Dell’Arte, from Greece, Zimbabwe, India, Canada, U.S.A., Iran, Denmark, Sweden, Puerto Rico, The Republic of Georgia, Germany, Ireland, and South Korea.