Thriving Performing Artists

Master Class Series with Michelle Matlock

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SALE: All 4 Classes for $280 -  (reg $425)

Individual classes are  $75 each (reg $125)

Sat, March 16: Bloom Plenty and S.T.A.R.T.   (12:30–3:30pm) 

Sun, March 17: How to Build Your Own Economy  (12:30–3:30pm)

Mon, April 1: Design Your Own Creative Road Map (5:30–8:30pm) 

Tues, April 2:
Money Magnet Mindset & Negotiation  (5:30–8:30pm) 

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Bloom Plenty & S.T.A.R.T.
12:30–3:30pm, Saturday, March 16

Cost: $75 (reg $125)

More than most, artists are constantly confronted with doubts and fears that limit our creativity and freedom. But also, more than most, we possess the resilience and resources we need to overcome negative limiting beliefs and to move toward a life of joy and fulfillment. Maybe you recognize some of these classic (but false) beliefs: 

  • My resources are limited 
  • I don’t deserve to prosper 
  • Others won’t like me if I make it happen for myself. 
  • Money is the root of all evil 
  • It’s difficult to thrive as a performing/creative artist 
  • I’m not smart enough 
  • I’m not ready to start 
  • Lack of major progress means failure 

In this Masterclass Michelle will share a process that she has brought to hundreds of artists that will address these limiting beliefs with simple and practical techniques. Each participant will learn this step-by-step process to go from frustration to freedom, totally crush starving artist and scarcity mindsets, embrace abundance and discover how to triumph over your inner obstacles.

Michelle will close out the masterclass by sharing her S.T.A.R.T. method which will show participants how to Let go of self-doubt, master a routine that prioritizes your goals and get laser-focused on taking ACTION, for next level results in achieving your creative dreams. 


How to Build Your Own Economy:
Personal Brand, Audience and Community 

12:30–3:30pm, Sunday, March 17

Cost: $75 (reg $125)

In this MasterClass Michelle will share a blend of proven techniques and actionable insights, you'll harness the art of building a compelling personal brand, fostering a loyal audience, and nurturing a vibrant community that propels your passion into a sustainable, fulfilling career. Reimagine your creative path and embark on your journey, as you empower yourself to thrive independently while doing what you love. 


How to Use Your Imagination to Design Your Own Creative Road Map

5:30–8:30pm, Monday, April 1

Cost: $75 (reg $125)

Traditional business plans may not work for independent performing artists and creatives, but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have a plan at all. In fact, if we want to thrive as artist we must use our creativity to design a plan that maps out everything that we want to achieve.

In this masterclass Michelle will guide participants through a process for designing a plan to follow that prioritizes your desires, identifies your challenges and organizes the specific actions that you will take to achieve your goals as an independent creative. This process is used to crush time management issues, feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin with your ideas.


Money Magnet Mindset & Negotiation

5:30–8:30pm, Tuesday, April 2

Cost: $75 (reg $125)

Join Michelle on a transformational journey where we'll debunk scarcity, replace worry with abundance, and equip you with powerful negotiation skills. In this MasterClass Michelle will share her personal experience and strategies that shifted her financial reality. 

We will explore the woo woo world of manifestation and the Law of Attraction. Explore the power of intention and how a single shift in mindset can transform your entire perspective. But it’s not all ethereal. 

Michelle will also delve into practical strategies as well. Discover the power of the LLC for independent performing artists and understanding that money should flow like a river, accumulating and empowering your dreams. You will work on crafting your personal Dream Scheme, where your financial aspirations align with your desires, creating a roadmap to financial independence.