Dell’Arte International collaborates with Arcata Arts Institute for “Run Hide Repeat”

Funded by the California Arts Council’s Artists in School Engagement Grant “Run Hide Repeat”  was an Arts Integration collaboration between the Arcata Arts Institute and Artists from Dell’Arte International.
Dell’Arte International’s Pratik Motwani lead this project along with James Peck, Laura Muñoz, Tim Gray and Lynnie Horrigan. The team worked with the students of the Arcata Arts Institute in helping them create “Run Hide Repeat”: a devised adaptation of Art Spiegelman’s graphic Novel – MAUSS. The literary text was selected by the students because of its contemporary relevance to the current socio-political climate. Student work from the different strands within the Arcata Arts Institute like Music, Painting, Graphic Design, Animation, Shadow Puppetry, Mask Making, etc. were all integrated into the final production while each of the individual artistic strands themselves were integrated within the “regular” curriculum (for eg: Pratik Motwani’s Mask Making and Shadow Puppetry classes were integrated with math, geometry, architecture, study of planes, scale, size and perspective)
James Peck worked with the students on theatrical games, sense of play, structures of power exchange/dynamics and status relationships; Laura Muñoz worked on dynamics of movement and physicality; Tim Gray worked on sound; Lynnie Horrigan worked on costume design; Pratik Motwani taught classes in Physical Theatre, Shadow Puppetry, Mask Making and was Dell’Arte’s Lead Artist on the project – working alongside Melanie Zapper ( Theatre Teacher, Arcata Arts Institute)  in development & execution of the project, assisting the students with the devising process, script development, direction and integration of the different strands within the final production.