This spring we are offering online training modules with Dell'Arte faculty and guest instructors.

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Character Laboratory is Sold Out! Grand Guignol has a few spots open

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Spring 2021 Online Workshops

Character Laboratory – SOLD OUT

With Lauren Wilson and Janessa Johnsrude

Grand Guignol

With Debbie McMahon (Artistic Director of the Grand Guignolers in L.A.) and Michael Fields of Dell'Arte.

WHEN: Feb. 6 to 27 on Saturdays, from 2 to 5 p.m. 
Feb. 6 will be a 2-hour lecture with film clips, photos and history, offered as a stand-alone workshop for folks who are not actors, but are interested in the Grand Guignol form.

Grand Guignol, most famous for its horror plays and known as the “Theater of Laughter and Terror,” combines the style of Melodrama and the reality of Naturalism. Its plays featured for the first time a “slice of life” of the poor and struggling for whom the privilege of Bourgeois Virtue was not an option.

Building off the theme of “Trapped,” this workshop will dive into the form of Grand Guignol to examine its historical context, analyze its plays and scenarios, build and demonstrate special effects, practice heightened forms of acting, discuss the structure of "hot and cold showers" and ask how this form is and can be relevant now. 

This workshop will be taught by Debbie McMahon and Michael Fields. Debbie is the artistic director of the L.A. Grand Guignolers and was drawn to the form out of her love for the French Revolution, and it was a safe way to explore one’s dark side! She brings a feminist approach to Grand Guignol and its visceral experience to subvert the status quo. Also, as the mother of an active 3-year-old, she deeply understands the meaning of “Laughter and Terror.” Michael Fields is an old white guy who was one of the original Dell'Arte Company members and a teacher of Melodrama with a penchant for horror. His best review ever as a director came in Stockholm, Sweden, after directing a Grand Guignol play at the National Theatre. The paper said that Michael had "kicked the ass of Swedish society." He doesn't exactly know how, but he'll take it. 

PRICE: $300. The Feb. 6 workshop alone is $100.

Taller de Dramaturgia Online (Estructura Dramática) IN SPANISH

With Carlos Gallegos

WHEN: March 6 to 27, Saturdays from 9 to 11 a.m.

Un taller teórico-práctico que analiza un tipo de estructura dramática que consta de tres momentos: Inicio (circunstancias donde nace el conflicto), Desarrollo (intenta resolverlo) y Fin (consecuencias). Las historias narran conflictos humanos. Comprender y explorar esta estructura (principio-desarrollo-fin) es una invitación a navegar profundamente dentro del narrador individual.

A theoretical and practical workshop that looks at one type of dramatic structure consisting of three moments: Beginning (circumstances where the conflict is born), Development (attempts to solve it) and End (consequences). The stories narrate human conflicts. Understanding and exploring this structure (Beginning-Developing-End) is an invitation to navigate deep within the individual storyteller.

Carlos Gallegos es un actor, director, pedagogo y autor ecuatoriano. Hace teatro desde 1997. Estudió en Ecuador, Francia y Estados Unidos. Ha viajado por los cinco continentes presentando obras y dictando talleres. Gracias a cientos de encuentros con personas de diferentes países, razas, religiones y clases sociales a través del mundo ha logrado desarrollar una pedagogía simple que explora siempre lo común en todos los seres humanos.

PRICE: $225