When Donating...
Please type "$20 for 2020" in the Order Notes box on the secure billing page.

We are so moved by your generosity, kindness, and compassion.

Additional Fund Disbursement details:

To ensure the safety and health of our students, priority disbursement will meet immediate needs incurred from the COVID shutdown. 

  • 50% will be allocated for direct student relief 
  • 25% will be used to update and supply the technologies needed to support students through distance learning as they shelter in place
  • Any remaining funds will be available to students for the next 12 months as impacts emerge in the fallout of the pandemic

Want to learn more or review the appeal letter? Click here.

We are in the process of applying for multiple financial aid opportunities that, if approved, will help boost this effort.
But we still need your help to address hardships students are facing at this moment and those that are sure to develop. 

If you would like to discuss this, or other support opportunities with us, do not hesitate to reach out! Thank you again!

Elizabeth Colón Nelson (MFA 2010)

Faculty and Alumni Relations Coordinator